About Us

Rose Kitchen is your prime address for all your commercial kitchen equipment and food service products. We are committed to make your purchase smooth and provide you with information essential for your purchase, thereby enabling confidence in your investment.

The kitchen executes the primary function in a range of food service facility; from restaurants, hotels, school cafeteria, to ballroom catering and food manufacturing plants. The kitchen impacts the efficiency of services. It affects everything necessary for an upscale customer experience. So let’s make sure you get the experts to design and build a commercial kitchen to accommodate your needs.

At Rose Kitchen, we start out by understanding your vision, and see how we can bring it to reality. This is by designing the ideal design solution. With our knowledge and expertise obtained from numerous years of working with various customers, we will together come up with the best solution customized for you.

Experience, Expertise, Knowledge

It is very convenient to access food service professionals, with one phone call you are connected to the pros in commercial kitchens, and equipment sales. There is no need to be confused in any matter. Contact a reliable Rose Kitchen.net team member, who knows the equipment, the products, its functions, and if it suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any question, for we are here to satisfy your individual needs to help your business prosper.

Quality Products

Whether you look for small gadgets, large appliances, equipment or else, you will find it by us with the leading and trusty brands you are looking for. We carry all major brands of kitchen equipment and supplies of all sorts. Commercial refrigeration, restaurant ranges, bar equipment, kitchen parts, ovens and pots. Supermarket equipment, shelving, transporting products, table top, dining services, and even small kitchen supplies and tools. When you are seeking for uncompromised quality parallel to great pricing, you will find that we have it all.

Informative Education

An educated consumer makes wise business decisions. Therefore, even experienced ones in the food service industry, might not be completely clear with the manufacturers specification sheet, or product description. But they want products that are economical and improve efficiency in your business. Therefore, you need to be will informed and confident with your buy. If you are unsure with specific products, which will suit your needs, or what kind of gear to purchase, just turn to a Rose Kitchen.net team member, and with their honest advice and expertise, they will inform you about your options and help you make an educated purchase.

Customer Service


The rose kitchen.net team members are always here with their knowledge in this profession.  They are here to guide you in your purchase from start to finish. Just contact us via email or phone and we will guide answer your questions, advise you based on your individual needs and recommend what fits you best. We will help you select and make sure you are satisfied. Our guidance will put you at ease while we are handling your order and discussing the shipping. We want your Rose Kitchen purchase to be smooth and simple, so you should return to us in the future. We know the difficulties involved in investing in equipment, not knowing what comes. Our team will be with you, help you, and ensure you get your time and money’s worth.