Commercial Kitchen Design

Creating a customized commercial kitchen can be one of the priciest considerations when opening a new restaurant. A built-out, specifically-designed kitchen can cost between $50,000 and $550,000.

There’s no way around these costs, since a well-designed and functional kitchen is likely the most significant factor in your restaurant’s success. Luckily, you can make smart choices in the planning stages to bolster the likelihood of your future success.

Size matters

The ratios between your kitchen equipment and the size of your kitchen are very important. You probably won’t opt to buy an enormous walk-in freezer if you’re tight on space, but there are many creative solutions to help with space constraints. Alternately, if you have a lot of room to work with, you have the luxury of purchasing larger equipment. Overall, it depends on the output your kitchen needs to produce. A kitchen should be designed how you need it to function.

Think about your kitchen configuration

Depending on your type of establishment, your commercial kitchen will be laid out differently. If you’re a fast-casual restaurant with an assembly line food prep style, you’ll want an assembly line configuration. Other types of kitchen configurations include zone style, in which the materials required for each type of food preparation are placed at certain stations, and island style, in which cleaning and cutting is performed along the walls and cooking happens at a central island.

Consider ergonomics

No matter which kitchen configuration style you choose, you want to make sure your design is ergonomic for your kitchen staff. This means providing the utmost in comfort, safety and practicality.

New Construction

The kitchen is the heart of any food service facility; restaurant, hotel, school cafeteria, collage campus foodservice, ballroom catering, food manufacturing facilities, etc. It sets the tone for everything from establishing efficient workflows, to operational efficiencies, and everything that’s part of an elevated customer experience. Let’s design and build the commercial kitchen that brings everything you’re known for to life. At Rose Kitchen, designing the perfect design solution begins with understanding how we can help execute your vision. Throughout each step we’ll share the countless insights we’ve learned over years of working with customers of all types and sizes. Together we’ll reinforce what makes you unique and find the best solution for the way you work.

Our professionals guide the process with proven design/build expertise to eliminate missteps and ultimately ensure your kitchen is not only optimized for efficiency, but is a personalized extension of you. Your imagination is your biggest asset. Let’s take that “Dream” of yours and craft an experience for your customers that they will never forget. You’ve got that perfect idea in your head and it’s our responsibility to draw it out of you. The passion we share is the same as yours when you see your customer react when they experience a new flavor or unique environment for the first time we crafted together.

The individual needs and scope of a project shape the crucial decisions made regarding the overall design layout. It is our primary objective to assist each customer in creating their ideal foodservice atmosphere taking into account key operational elements such as the menu, footprint, seating capacity, future expansion, labor savings and energy savings. Our team's collective experience within all industry segments allows us to understand the challenges that exist in each project. We employ this knowledge to anticipate problems before they occur to avoid potential expensive fixes.

Using AutoCAD, KCL, and AutoQuotes, our in-house design team integrates the kitchen into all other elements of the facility. These technologies help bring your vision to life in the form of design documents that include the equipment plan and schedule, elevations, MEP rough in connections, electrical, plumbing, utility connection, ventilation, refrigeration, fabrication, millwork, special conditions, and custom equipment plans.

Our driving objective in each project is to embrace the challenge of blending the operational and aesthetic needs of the client with their budget and scope of work. During the process of designing the workspace, the following considerations are taken into account:

  • Space Planning and Conceptual Design
  • Demand Capacity Determination
  • Logistical Circulation Planning
  • Surveying and Marketplace Design
  • Full-Process Budgeting
  • Health Dept. Approvals & Permits

Rose Kitchen provides consultation services that include:

  • Schematic Design
  • Space Planning
  • Equipment Selection
  • Improve Flow & Function

Rose Kitchen’s design consultants have built the company's reputation on its ability to determine the most advantageous solution to challenges presented to them from all segments within the foodservice industry. Ultimately, we measure success by creating facilities that aesthetically engage customers and provide an enhanced workplace environment for the people who operate them

  • Waste Handling Planning
  • Space Allocation and Sizing
  • Receiving, Work Flow
  • Material Flow and Distribution
  • Equipment Orientation for Maintenance

Rose Kitchen has built a solid reputation by satisfying our customer's specific needs during every commercial kitchen design or restaurant design project.